Monday, 17 Dec 2018

Welcome to the restaurant Savamala!

Restoran Savamala
In 1910. in Savamala... Belgrade part of town, down on the river Sava... opened an a restaurant. Restaurant got the only name that was logic... Restaurant Savamala. This centenarian has witnessed many changes in Belgrade, and it self was going through changes. The only thing that has not been changed for all this time, was the quality of food and service in this restaurant. Today Savamala restaurant is a mix of old Belgrade and the spirit of modern trends in the restaurants and catering industry. We've combined youth and experience... apparently incompatible combination, yet after all these years... We can say that we have succeeded.

What is a inn with no music?


Savamala restaurant invites you to hang out with the greatest hits of the old town and the popular music, where the fun is guaranteed.

Visit us every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 19h to 23h to enjoy, drink, sing and play with us.







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